Budbeed Learning LLC

О проекте

Company Purpose To become a provider of captivating online environment for students in CIS, changing the way students are taught, to the way students want to learn Description of the project  We are a Technology product company and are working on a digital learning platform – Budbeed, for school students in Kazakhstan from Grades 1 to 9 that currently delivers Science & Maths content in a variety of formats. The platform was created using Agile methodology and designed using latest technologies complying to xAPI standards with Machine Learning for personalization by a dedicated team of professionals, that currently delivers Science & Maths content along with learning on Soft Skills in a variety of formats.  The project has two aspects – Technology platform to give a high quality experience and learning content for optimum learning, and is available in three languages – Kazakh, English and Russian and can be changed simultaneously at any time of use  The platform is collaborative, has a learning content management system, eReader for online as well as offline reading and a learning record store for collecting the smallest detail of usage to help us improve on AI in future, all bundled into one.  The project has been specifically designed for CIS and currently follows the Kazakhstan National curriculum but will be aligned to all CIS countries including Russia in near future  Budbeed has partnerships with world’s top media and publishing companies like BBC, CNN, Rosen Publishing, Sterling Pixels and more.  The platform follows a unique learning curve IEEEI – Interest, Engage, Explain, Evaluate & Intervene.  Encourages critical thinking among students by providing them with real-life captivating videos & articles on every subject, topic, and subtopic apart from additional videos and books on skill development and innovation. By offering visually appealing content and showing how knowledge is applied in real life, Budbeed turns passive viewing into active learning, creating a strong foundation for their future studies and better learning outcomes  Includes Adaptive assessments at every level based on machine learning for test preparation and better performance in the classroom  Gives teachers access to all grades, while students get access to their respective grades, as well as one grade above and lower; the content - a mix of articles, images, videos and assessment - is mapped to the Kazakh National curriculum and thus easy for students and teachers to navigate, adapting to any other curriculum is very fast in our LCMS platform.  Provides a platform for teachers and parents to interact, engage or collaborate, and form groups to share student activities or announcements through text or media files with each other; parents can register for free and view their child’s progress anytime.  The platform is available on Web, Android as well as IOS – anytime anywhere  Budbeed has been created focussing on the Four C’s of education o Communication o Critical Thinking o Collaboration o Creativity Awards and recognition  Finalist of the Global EdTech Awards 2019 – Rated among the best three in its category globally  Gold winner for Summer 2019 for Best Mobile App Award conducted in USA  Finalist of the Reimagine Awards 2019 in collaboration with Wharton Business School, University of Pennsylvania, USA. Among five Best Educational App in the world
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Казахстан, Алматы
Объем требуемых инвестиций (тенге)
490 000 000Всего
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